Career Development

Career Development

Our approach to career growth.

We base our career growth approach on the company’s development philosophy, which emphasizes that professional evolution occurs through a combination of work experiences, feedback and relationships and training, and is a shared responsibility between employees and their managers.

Our development method is focused on building great leaders – from Leading Self, to Leading Teams, to Leading Leaders.

Experience - Growth - Performance

Career Development @ Baxter

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Our Development Philosophy

Our career development philosophy underscores the primary way employees develop is through work experiences. Feedback, mentoring and relationship-building are important to development, and we have embedded ongoing feedback into our strong culture of performance and development. Formal training and blended learning opportunities are also available to our employees through Baxter’s Development Essentials, Management Essentials, Leadership Essentials curricula and other related offerings and programs.

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Performance and Career Development

Our approach to performance and development is driven through A.C.E. (Align.Check-In.Execute) which sets the expectation that employees have monthly Check-Ins with their managers specific to feedback and development. A wide variety of resources are available to employees and managers to maximize their A.C.E. Check-Ins and to drive enhanced performance and development at Baxter. Through the MyCareer@Baxter portal, employees can access development and planning tools, as well as comprehensive information about performance expectations and goals, training opportunities and jobs at Baxter.

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Career Development Tools & Programs

We offer a variety of career development tools and resources that are designed to help employees assess their strengths and development needs, career interests and personal motivations and help close gaps. Baxter’s Leadership Competencies are an anchor to which employees focus their development efforts and, we offer detailed development guides to help employees identify actions specific for their development needs. Employees are encouraged to use and refer to these resources on an ongoing basis.

Blended, Online & In-classroom Learning and Training

Our Development Essentials modules are offered to employees at all levels and include courses to help build a professional and leadership foundation. All employees also have access to our global learning management system, which offers courses in multiple languages. The system contains e-learnings and micro-learnings on soft skills such as professional development, management and leadership, as well as technical subjects such as our focus on quality, Baxter processes and systems, company products, PC skills, environment, health and safety, pharmacovigilance, business and financial acumen, project management and many more.

Management and Leadership Development

Through our Management Essentials, managers and supervisors receive additional training and development in a variety of areas including management, career and development planning, as well as coaching and feedback.  Also, experienced managers and directors have access to our Leadership Essentials which includes development tools and programs targeting business acumen, broader business and organizational leadership and skills such as motivating and developing others.

Team Effectiveness

Building high performing teams is critical for Baxter to become a great place to work. To enable teams globally across the company, at all levels of the organization, Baxter has developed a high performing team framework that comprises:

  • High Performing Team (HPT) Journey sessions for leadership teams, a one day session designed to recalibrate team and leader expectation, further strengthen team relationships and build trust
  • Human Resources facilitated team development activities
  • Team development activities that leaders can facilitate without additional support

All managers have access to MyTeam@Baxter, an internal online portal for people manager resources